Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Barriers to commercially viable cell- and tissue therapies

Experts have identified hurdles to the successful commercialisation of innovations in regenerative medicine. Particularly, they recognised challenges in bioreactor-based manufacturing hindering the scale-up of therapies. This field is expensive and risky to invest in so the experts suggest developing manufacturing processes within academia rather than hoping for angel investment.

Manufacturing challenges in regenerative medicine; I. Martin et al; Science Translational Medicine; Vol. 6(232); p. 232; 2014.


  1. Spot on Ros! I have tried blogging, but only find the time about once a month (that my geek friends say is therefore not a blog at all). As a Nature editor, are you allowed to give your own opinion on the paper? Ivan Martin is in my opinion one of the best tissue engineers in Europe, so I for one will not argue...

    1. Hi Paul - thanks for the encouraging comment! In principle I could offer my opinion. But my plan here (at least at the moment) is to simply report on the main conclusions of an article. I like the idea of a news feed informing researchers quickly and easily of new articles across the board of research journals covering this field. Suffice it to say that if I have posted about an article, then I have enjoyed reading it and hope that others will too.