Saturday, 24 May 2014


Bioengineering Bites is one month old.  Here are a few stats.  Twenty five papers from eighteen different journals were highlighted.  Readers from at least twenty different countries visited the site. 

The readers choice for the month – the Bites with the most hits – were

1. Vascularised hydrogels (10/05/14)
2. Lab-on-a-chip based blood plasma separation (30/04/14)
3. Bone marrow on a chip (05/05/14)

Take a look if you’ve not read them.

Many of you will have noticed that I increased the word limit of each Bite to 70 words to make life a little easier for me.  I have also increased the maximum age that a paper can be for coverage by a few days.  This is to minimise moments of bashing my head against a wall when I missed a paper I would have liked to highlight.

I’ve received lots of positive feedback on the site.  I hope all readers find Bioengineering Bites interesting and/or useful.  I look forward to month two!

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